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Things have gotten so crazy in my world lately but in wonderful ways. 2017 is whizzing by and so have the many weddings we have been a part of. The next few blog posts will highlight some of our favorite images and or moments from our most recent weddings. Thanks so much for your continued interest and support of Studio Sevyn Photography.

Amber + Dathan were wed on Friday, May 9th 2017. A couple near and dear to my heart, a wedding I will remember for all time…

With love


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Things have gotten so crazy in my world lately but in wonderful ways. 2017 is whizzing by and so have the many weddings we have been a part of. The next few blog posts will highlight some of our favorite images and or moments from our most recent weddings. Thanks so much for your continued interest and support of Studio Sevyn Photography.

Iman + Uwem’s wedding was such a memorable and exciting event. We will treasure the memories of their day and the many relationships we have developed as a result of their special day. Much love…


Iman + Uwem ~ e-session | charlotte wedding photographer

Iman and Uwem’s session was fun and delicious. 

A cooking engagement session has always been on my must-do list and since Iman and Uwem enjoy cooking together…voilà my cooking e-session was born! Jambalaya was on the menu that day and I can’t begin to tell you how amazingly delicious it smelled. Brownie kept a keen eye on them as they prepared the meal and so did I.

The couple requested a session that not only played to their interests, but one that was fun, unique and showcased their incredible heights. The smiles and laughter of the day were hard to miss as they cooked, frolicked around on trikes and spent time together in Uptown Charlotte. 

Before taking a peek into their day, let’s go back to the events that brought this incredible couple together.

Iman and Uwem went to the same undergrad school, University of Maryland - Baltimore County. She played on the volleyball team, he played on the basketball team. Iman’s friends would always say, “You should date Uwem,” and “Doesn’t Iman remind you of Uwem?” Even though athletes tend to run in the same circles, the two had not yet crossed paths. When they finally did, their similarities were so hard to miss that seven years later it has brought us to their engagement and very soon their wedding day.

When asked what drew Uwem to her, Iman commented that he is practical and makes sense. He’s pragmatic and makes decisions logically. Uwem is able to read her…when she’s trying to hide her feelings he is able to pick up on this unlike anyone else she has ever met. Uwem shares that he knew Iman was the one because when things are that great, that easy…you just know. He adds that good people are hard to come by and so is a good looking girl at 6’3”. He loves the fact that Iman has a good head on her shoulders, is ambitious, wants to go places and do things. Iman smiles on as he speaks. 

So here’s the scoop on how Uwem proposed. Last year for the 4th of July, they went to Nashville with another couple, Iman’s best friend Simone and her boyfriend Marcus. It was supposed to be just a random trip. While in Nashville, they went to dinner and took in the sites of the downtown area. Their walk took them to a bridge that overlooked the city. As they crossed the bridge, Iman’s friend encouraged her to go near the railing for a picture. Well, Iman is afraid of heights so she protested because the bridge was considerably high. Her friend kept insisting and Iman kept refusing. In the middle of all the fuss, Uwem got on one knee and proposed. Iman was so surprised, so excited she admits she forgot what he said. All she remembers is that she said, “Yes!” 

So here it is, the engagement session of an Officer and a Dentist…Uwem and Iman. Enjoy!

terry + april | southpark charlotte wedding photographers

“This was always meant to be…we just needed to allow it to happen the right way.” 

I couldn’t have asked for a more poetic way to introduce this lovely couple to you. The moment Terry spoke those words and the collective aww’s from April and I subsided, I knew I had found the perfect beginning to their story.

April and I met to discuss plans for their wedding and develop a timeline of activity for photography coverage. As we settled in she dialed up Terry who “visited” with us via cellphone. 

After our introductions, April turned to me, smiled and said, ” Let me tell you our story.” What unfolded was a remarkable story of love… young love, once lost and now rekindled some years later. A love that was undeniably ”always meant to be” and now the time was just right. The wait was over.

Terry and April’s beautiful story was equally matched by an absolutely glorious day, Sunday April 24th, 2016 at the Charlotte Marriott at Southpark. April’s skills as a wedding planner made the events of the day seamless and enjoyable for all involved. Her attention to detail transformed the venue into a satisfying spectacle for the eyes. Her gift of storytelling made the day a breathtaking narrative from start to finish. We felt right at home, drawn into the story she had created and eager to document the day.

Desi spent the mid-day hours enjoying his time with Terry and his groomsmen as they dressed, joked around and shared stories of their friendship. We met Terry the day before at the wedding rehearsal and were immediately taken in by his charm, inviting personality and his infectious excitement about their wedding day. His smiles, laughter and looks of admiration and love for April were endearing to witness.

April’s room was a buzz with activity and laughter as she sat amidst friends and family. I was given an adjoining room where everything had been laid out and ready to photograph. She had thought of everything. Her details were gorgeous eye-candy begging to be photographed and I got right to work. 

We spent a few quiet moments together in a relaxed environment, reflecting on the day ahead of us as the camera clicked away.

Watching April as she walked up the isle, the tears of her Mother as she watched her and the beaming smiles from Terry were heart warming emotions that we were able to document. The parental dances during the reception were also wrought with emotion…so touching to see. 

Terry and April, thank you for allowing us to tell the story of your union. 
We are elated that our paths have crossed and pray Jehovah’s continued blessings on your new family.  

With much love…Desi + Warnesa

A special thank you to all who made this day a success!

Wedding Cakes: Wow Factor Cakes and Walmart Bakery 

Event Planner and Decorator: KDS Events CEO Kathy Staley  

Wedding Ceremony Coordinators: Linda Felton, Rhonda Squires 

Director of the Feast: Kenneth Isham 

DJ: Joshua Phelps  

Master of Ceremony: Eric Springfield 

Attendants: Anthony Gripper, Chip Harris, Phillip Mitchell, Sule Williams 

Hostesses: Joi Brunson, Robin Bradley, Tonya Isham

faison wedding | charlotte wedding photographer

Weddings always excite me. I love it all…from meeting couples for the first time to the moment they kiss as husband and wife. Photographing the wedding of friends is a tremendous experience. It gives me added joy to be a part of their day in this way.

Rob and Kelly have been friends of Desi and I for over nine years. Individually they’re wonderful; together they are simply amazing! We couldn’t be happier that love has found them.

The day was a rush of excitement and emotions. The infectious smiles, laughter, tears and looks of love from Rob and Kelly’s friends and family surrounded us. This was a union that was meant to be and now it was finally happening.

A ballroom draped beautifully in white and an equally stunning reception wowed us. Kelly and her entourage of vendors had transformed the ballrooms at the Hilton at University Place into a delicious spectacle for the eyes and camera. We couldn’t have been more pleased. 

What’s even better than reading my description of the day…seeing it for yourself! 

…and now, the wedding day story of Rob and Kelly. It’s my hope that our images capture the true essence of the day. Grab some popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy!

Rob + Kelly we are overcome with joy for you both. Wishing you an eternity of love and happiness!

Philia, Desi + Warnesa

We have the following vendors to thank for their professionalism and gorgeous artistry: 

Patricia Hicklen and Danielle Flynn ~ A Seamless Affair (Wedding Coordinators)

The Hilton at University Place

Barbara Dearborn Pedwell ~ Florals

Beautiful Faces by Melissa ~ Makeup

Maisha Cottman ~ House of Madison Dessert Boutique 

Neema Bethune ~ Desserts

Concord Wedding Center

siara : portfolio session | charlotte portrait photographers

It’s always a pleasure to photograph new talent and fresh faces. Siara was that and so much more. This rising runway and high-fashion model graced us with her presence and poise a few weeks ago in-studio. We were so excited to shoot her because of her diverse look and fun fashion-forward vintage style. (Whew…try saying that fast three times - fun, fashion, forward LOL ) Her images are stunningly beautiful! Take a look and stick around for future clicks of Siara!

coker wedding | charlotte wedding photographer

What an amazing day!! 

A beautifully warm Saturday morning welcomed us on July 4th and set the scene for what was to be a truly grand affair…the wedding of Tiffany and Christian.

The morning unfolded quickly as Tiffany prepared for her debut and with camera in hand, I documented it all. I captured the tender and funny moments she shared with loved ones and laughed with her as she and her mother joked the morning away. I truly enjoy this time with each bride. On her wedding day I’m not just a lady with a camera but a trusted friend; someone she feels free to share her emotions with as the camera quietly clicks on.

Desi spent the morning with Christian and Christian Jr. (CJ) You’ll smile as I did when you take a peek of their morning together and the precious moments shared between father and son.

I must say that nothing could have prepared me for the day I was about to have with this wonderful family. A lovely wedding followed by the most gorgeous reception at The Hotel Concord in the historic town of Concord, North Carolina. The photos you are about to view paint a better picture than my words ever could.

One of the features of the night was a Nigerian Money Dance by the wedding party and family members of both the bride and groom. The music, colors and cultural wear stirred the senses as they danced. It was unlike anything I had ever witnessed before and I didn’t want it to end. 

As the night drew to a close, I said my goodbyes and left the celebration feeling as though I had gained a new family and new friends. It was an experience I enjoyed immensely and I’m honored to be able to share it all with you! 

Christian and Tiffany, we wish you Jehovah’s blessings always and a life full of love and happiness! Warnesa & Desi

Many thanks to the amazing vendors and creative team who made this day come to life…

Dress: Vera Wang  ~  Bride’s accessories: Vera Wang, Charming Charlie  ~  Decor & Florals: The Hotel Concord  ~ Coordinator: Shenell West

rock hill wedding photographer | graham

Lonnie and Chenita’s paths crossed ours by way of a referral from Christina, a great friend and past bride. Christina is always singing our praises to everyone she meets so I was not surprised to receive a referral from her. I connected with Chenita over the phone and we made arrangements to meet for a pre-consultation.  

Have you ever within minutes of meeting someone feel like you’ve know them forever? Well that’s exactly how I felt when I met this gorgeous couple for the first time. It was such a fun and relaxed time together as I listened to stories about how they met and funny stories about their experiences. Something else that became quite evident to me almost immediately was that they had truly become each other’s best friend and that they were madly in love. (Insert aww’s here) The excitement for their wedding day was ignited that day and continued growing until Sunday, May 31st when they became Mr. and Mrs. Graham. 

The wedding took place at the Magnolia Room in Rock Hill South Carolina at five o’clock in the afternoon. The day could not have been more lovely and the smiles that surrounded the couple could not have been more genuine. The love of family and friends enveloped the couple throughout the day and was so refreshing to watch. I felt as though I had become a part of the family as well. What a wonderful feeling!

Lonnie and Chenita, thank you for the honor of documenting your love. We hope that seeing the day through our eyes brings you much joy. Thanks again for welcoming us in on your special day. We had a blast!

Fondly…Desi and Warnesa

DressBridal Place & Alterations (Rock Hill, SC) ~ TuxedoJordan’s Modern Bride & Groom (Columbia, SC) ~ Decor and floralsSouth Carolina Wedding Company ~ CatererOlive Garden ~ Servers: Sadie Bryant & Team ~ Hair: Ron Evans ~ Makeup: Sonya Sims ~ Band: Zach Pinson & Band ~ Vocals: Willie Pinson, Jemeka Burris, Yolanda Cobb, Donald Lawrence, Yvonne Lowry & Band ~ DJ: DJ Rex ~ Officiant: Rev. Gary Walton ~ Videographer: AC Jackson’s Personal
Cake: CB Treats ~ Venue: The Magnolia Room

katerra: editorial portrait session | charlotte portrait photographers

Katerra is such a natural beauty and fun to photograph. The camera fell in love with her right away as you’ll see. I fell in love with her hair!

Something you need to know about Katerra is that she is also a fellow photography lover. Score! So needless to say we have a lot to talk about. Katerra will be assisting us on shoots in the very near future. Stay tuned for more from this rising talent!

charlotte wedding photographer | tiffany & christian ~ engaged

I have oodles to share from my time with Tiffany and Christian so I’ll get right to it.

During our consultation, Tiffany and Christian were asked what drew them to each other. I always enjoy this part of the session because in telling their story my couples seem to fall in love all over again. 

Tiffany was drawn to Christian because of his character. “He’s really kind,” she says, “Has a lot of charm, is family oriented, always opens doors for me and does things when I’m not expecting it.” She shared two stories that speak volumes about how attentive Christian is to her needs and to his son Christian-Julian (CJ). She told me how she always wears a scrunchy and how she always looses them; when she wasn’t expecting it, Christian showed up with a bag of scrunchies! “Who does that?” she says and they both start laughing. On another occasion, Tiffany and some friends were going out and invited Christian along. He politely declined because he was playing Monopoly with CJ that night. “It’s the little things he does,” she added.

Christian looks at Tiffany, smiles and starts by saying, “Tiffany is very sweet, thoughtful, kind and hospitable. She thinks ahead and takes care of the small things that others pay no attention to. If I had to pick one thing that really drew me to her, it would be her hospitality.” The smiles continued…

I know you’re waiting for it, so here it is…how Christian proposed. The couple were ring shopping at Jared, and Tiffany pointed out a ring that she liked. She mentioned that she didn’t think she would actually get it, she was just admiring it. They looked at a few more rings and Christian asked Tiffany to wait for him as he talked with the customer service representative. After a few minutes, Christian returned and told her he was not able to purchase the ring because there was a fraud alert on his credit card. They left the store and although Tiffany was upset, she put the ordeal out of her mind.

Fast forward a few months…Christian very nonchalantly suggested they go out to dinner with her parents. He asked Tiffany to wear something nice just in case they had time to visit a museum afterwards. When Christian mentioned that his sister Faith was joining them and later added his parents to the list, Tiffany didn’t pick up that something must be going on. 

During dinner Christian told Tiffany that he left his wallet in the car and jokingly asked her to pick up the tab. “I got it,” she told him and was prepared to take care of dinner. After a while, Christian tells her that he couldn’t have her pay for dinner and that he would go back to the car to get his wallet. It was cold out, so he put on some gloves and left. When he returned he placed the gloves on the table. “I knew she would pick them up,” he says, “I knew she would try them on and I knew she wouldn’t like them.” This was exactly what he wanted her to do and she did. After trying on the gloves, she took them off and rested them on the table. “What’s wrong, you don’t like them?” Christian asked. Tiffany told him that she didn’t like them because they were too big. Christian then says, “Well I have something that will fit,” and presents her with a gift. Tiffany says the box was so big she didn’t think a ring could be in there. She was expecting a pair of gloves or a watch. When she opened the box and saw the ring…the one she had initially admired, she was beside herself. Christian got down on one knee and proposed as everyone in the restaurant watched. 

Tiffany and Christian, I told you I would enjoy writing this post and I truly did. I’m even more honored to tell the story of your union in the weeks to come. Jehovah’s blessings always. Philia, Warnesa & Desi

vintage glam styled shoot | lake norman wedding photographer

You had me at vintage!  

This is what I was thinking when Danielle Flynn of A Seamless Affair shared with me the details of our upcoming styled shoot. Vintage glam…are you kidding me! Goosebumps overload! I couldn’t wait to get behind the camera to capture what was sure to be an experience to remember and now I ‘m equally as eager to share with you the images from our session.

What you are about to see is the collaboration of A Seamless AffairFrom this Day ForwardKadi Fit & EventsFabulous Frocks of CharlotteTuxedo Lady of DW DesignsSyncere Beauty and Beautiful Faces by Melissa. Our gorgeous models were the fabulous Mike and Barbara Dearborn. Much love and thanks to you all for inviting us on this creative journey.

This post is part two of a three part session. If you’d like to take a peek of our Urban Chic goodness, follow this link:

Enjoy the captures and take the time to visit our awesome vendors by clicking on their links above. 

Event coordinator: A Seamless Affair | Florals/Decor: From this Day Forward | Photographer: Studio Sevyn Photography | Venue: Kadi Fit & Events | Bridal Gown: Fabulous Frocks of Charlotte | Tuxedos: Tuxedo Lady of DW Designs | Hair: Syncere Beauty | Makeup: Beautiful Faces by Melissa | Models: Mike and Barbara Dearborn

urban chic styled shoot | lake norman wedding photographer

Throw A Seamless Affair, From this Day Forward, Kadi Fit & Events, Fabulous Frocks of Charlotte, Tuxedo Lady of DW Designs, Syncere Beauty and Beautiful Faces by Melissa into the mix and you have a party. A beautiful, well coordinated knock your socks off celebration. 

These creative geniuses sure know how to do it in grand style and if I was wearing socks, believe you me they would have been knocked off that day. Everything was given such care and attention it made for a truly delicious shoot. 

In one day we were able to pull together three stunning styled shoots: Urban Chic, Vintage Glam and Boho Chic. The images to follow are from our Urban Chic shoot. I will also share images from the Vintage Glam session, but you will have to wait for the reveal of the Boho Chic collaboration. I know you want to see them now but don’t be a cry baby about it I’ll explain why we’re keeping it a secret very soon LOL ;)

The venue, Kadi Fit is such a versatile space. Event coordinator Danielle Flynn of A Seamless Affair and Barbara Dearborn of From This Day Forward transformed it in such a way that we were able to easily capture three distinctive looks from within its walls. It is truly a hidden gem as far as event venues go. 

Our models Steve and Linh Granados brought to life the vision for the shoot. Their dramatic styling and relaxed, sophisticated demeanor set the stage for an urban wedding for the cool at heart.

Hope you enjoy! 

Don’t forget to show our vendors some love by clicking on the links above! Whoa did I just make a rhyme? Sweet! LOL!

Event coordinator: A Seamless Affair | Florals/Decor: From this Day Forward | Photographer: Studio Sevyn Photography | Venue: Kadi Fit & Events | Bridal Gown: Fabulous Frocks of Charlotte | Tuxedos: Tuxedo Lady of DW Designs | Hair: Syncere Beauty | Makeup: Beautiful Faces by Melissa | Models: Steve & Linh Granados

chenita & lonnie ~ engaged | charlotte wedding photographer

During our pre-consultation I slipped Chenita and Lonnie a piece of paper and asked them to write what drew them to each other. 

Chenita wrote this about Lonnie… loves deep . good cook . funny .  gentleman, gentleman, gentleman.

Lonnie wrote this about Chenita… compassionate . beautiful . smart . understanding . God fearing . nurturing and loving.

In the time I have spent with Chenita and Lonnie I can truly say that they were spot on in their descriptions of each other. Lonnie is a true gentleman and loves Chenita deeply. Chenita is not only physically beautiful but possesses an inner beauty that’s immediately evident. Her interactions with Lonnie speak volumes of her love and care for him. I didn’t have the opportunity to judge Lonnie’s cooking however…guess I’ll have to take Chenita’s word for it! 

Hearing the story of how they met, a cute story about Rosco, how Chenita chickened out of a tattoo they were supposed to have done together, and how Lonnie proposed, painted a picture of a wonderful friendship and romance.

I couldn’t share this post without mentioning how Lonnie proposed, so before you dive into the photos, here it is :)

Chenita knew about the ring, but was unsure when Lonnie would propose. During the Memorial Day holiday, the couple traveled to Myrtle Beach for a relaxing get-a-way. When they arrived at the resort, Lonnie asked Chenita to wait in the truck as he checked in. 

Chenita noticed that Lonnie had been gone for a while but thought nothing of it. As she waited, she took a quick snooze in the truck. What Chenita didn’t know was that Lonnie and the front desk agent were finalizing plans for a big surprise later that evening. Ohhh la la! LOL!

Evening came and they went to the waterfront courtyard for cocktail hour. As soon as they entered the courtyard, everyone gathered around cheering…and Lonnie did his thing! Now here we are getting ready for the Big Day.

Chenita and Lonnie I can’t begin to tell you how much we are looking forward to seeing you again as bride and groom and finally Mr. & Mrs. Graham. Counting down to all the fun! Hugs…Warnesa & Desi

rock hill wedding photographer | ansley

There’s something special about weddings. A something that makes me wake up the morning of with eager anticipation…excited to tell the story of this new beginning. I enjoy time with the bride as she prepares for her day and watching the groom as he kids around with his “boys”. Each smile, tear, laugh, goofy moment and times of quiet reflection, our cameras capture it all. There’s just something oh so special about a bride and groom on their wedding day.

Christina and Brandon’s wedding was beautiful from start to finish. Christina had planned everything so well that we had time to flex our creative muscles to truly capture the details of the day. The Magnolia Room in Rock Hill South Carolina served as the venue for their ceremony and reception; an excellent choice. The ceremony was held on the outside on a sunny Sunday morning with a slight chill in the air. This was not a problem however, because it gave guests a good excuse to cuddle up with loved ones in cozy blankets the couple had provided.

As I posted the images I relived the day, remembering the tons of fun that were had by all. The love and support surrounding Christina and Brandon is so evident, so sweet to experience. I hope you smile, laugh and maybe shed a tear as you view our snapshots of the day.

Christina and Brandon thank you so much for choosing us to document your day and for your rave reviews. We love and appreciate having you in our lives. Fondly, ~Desi & Warnesa~

hill | charlotte wedding photographer

It was the day Zahra and Terrence had patiently waited for. The day they would share their love with friends and family in the most honorable way. Their wedding day was finally here.

Desi and I spent the early morning covering the bride and groom prep and later met the couple at Asbury Park Grove for a first look. First looks always give me goosebumps, so as the time neared to bring the couple together I was all goose-bumped and nervous! Yeah, that’s just me ;) I love this stuff!

I guided their hands together and there they stood with eager excitement, pausing only for a brief moment to take it all in. Now it was time, as they turned to face each other shrieks of laughter broke the silence. What a grand moment!

The couple took their time hugging, smiling and staring at each other freezing time. This beautiful moment set the tone for the remainder of the day as memories were made and happy emotions rode high.

We look back on this day with fond memories. Zahra and Terrence you will always hold a special place in our hearts. With affection, ~Warnesa & Desi~

zahra and terrence: e-session | charlotte wedding photographer

Say the word “vintage” and my little heart skips a few beats. Well that’s exactly what happened when Zahra shared with me her idea for a vintage picnic e-session. I don’t think I heard anything else she said after that because my mind was going a mile a minute and my heart raced as I thought of all the yummy possibilities! A vintage e-session…brain on overload! Let the fun begin!!
We had planned a few activities for the e-session so we decided to dedicate one day to the picnic and have the other session a few days later. This allowed us to fully enjoy the picnic and yes all the goodies as well. We couldn’t have asked for a better day or better location. Everything flowed beautifully and seamlessly as planned.
Our second session was equally as much fun. My favorite part of the day was the moment Zahra and Terrence saw each other in their evening attire. I was thrilled to be there to experience and capture it all. Truly a goosebumps moment! You just had to be there!
With each session, the laughter, stares, hugs and smiles told of the great time they were having and I couldn’t have been happier.
Zahra and Terrence, you were the perfect couple. Thank you for a simply amazing session. ~Warnesa~

natalia: editorial portrait session | charlotte portrait photographer

Where do I begin? One minute with “Talie” and she will literally have you roaring with laughter. She is a vivacious beauty with a talent for saying and doing the right thing to make others around her feel comfortable and entertained. As a model she is able to move in ways that leave little room for input from the photographer. I’m sure you guessed by now that her session was a breeze. Talie, I’m looking forward to future opportunities to work with you and eagerly anticipate the great things you will do in your modeling career. Do your thang girl!! ~Warnesa~

kastina: editorial portrait session | charlotte portrait photographer

To be surrounded by so much beauty is truly one of the perks of being a photographer. I recently shot a session with Kastina and was very pleased with both her performance and the final images. Her fun personality and ability to connect with the camera was a total home run! Be on the lookout for this rising model. She has the passion and drive it takes to be a star. Go get em Kassie! ~Warnesa ~

donna: editorial portrait session | charlotte portrait photographer

Donna and I crossed paths not long ago at a networking event where I had been asked to take head-shots for the attendees. She stepped into the lounge where I was set up and it was camera love at first sight! Needless to say, I immediately made arrangements for a portrait session. Donna’s striking features and natural hair were a perfect match for a personal project I had in mind and I couldn’t wait to photograph her.
Working with Donna was a joy. She has a warm personality and quiet strength that I admire. Her photographs perfectly personify the beautiful, strong, organic woman I had been looking to capture. I’m looking forward to a future session with her and her fabulously talented friend Najwa Lewis who was our makeup artist on site for the day. Thanks again Ms. Donna ;) ~Warnesa~

selina: editorial portrait session | charlotte portrait photographer

Selina is such a beauty! She loves the camera and it simply adores her. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had working with this up and coming actress/model. As you’ll see in the images that follow, Selina is not afraid to be herself in front of the camera. Her personality is uninhibited and shines through brilliantly. I can feel in my bones super big things for her in the very near future and I’m blessed to be even a small part of her journey! Much success!
~ Warnesa~

christy: editorial portrait session | charlotte portrait photographer

Uptown Charlotte was our canvas for the day as we photographed the beautiful Christy. It was the perfect complement because its vivid colors and modern feel accentuated Christy’s sense of style. Uptown has so many nooks and crannies and architectural eye candy that can turn a simple photo into a work of art. I was excited to photograph there and equally excited about the images we captured. Here are a few faves from our session.

blog warming: charlotte portrait and lifestyle photographer

Welcome newcomers and faithful friends to our new site! 2014 was a buzz with new experiences and faces and we are thrilled to be able to share them with you! We are also quite eager to begin posting all the goodies that 2015 will bring. We’ll start the blogging frenzy with a few fun sessions from 2014 and hope you visit with us again into the new year and beyond! –Warnesa–

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